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Friday, 9 May 2014

May Product of the Month Reviews - Mistyfuse

Mistyfuse is an ultra-light, paper-less, iron on fusible web. It is incredibly sheer, doesn’t add bulk or stiffen fabric and bonds firmly once cooled. It can be used with all weights of fabric from velvets and cottons to delicate tulles and organza. Since there is no added adhesive, it will not leave any residue on your scissors or needles. It is available in black and white.


For more information on Mistyfuse and details of where to buy, visit www.eqsuk.com

For the May issue of P&Q we asked for some willing quilting volunteers via our Facebook page, to test out Mistyfuse for us, review and record their findings. This is what they had to say....


'Wow well the possibilities are endless with this stuff, every art and textiles GCSE student needs this. The only problems I had with Mistyfuse was the wind catching it as I shook it out and a bit attached itself to the hot iron, but it did come off easily.

I tried 2 techniques; firstly I used peacock feathers bonded between two sheets of Mistyfuse on top of a piece of cotton fabric and then ironed under baking parchment. The cotton has been left with a chintzy glaze but the feathers have stuck fast. I had no problem free machine quilting through the Mistyfuse area, but pin marks show and do not close over.

The second was the appliqué Liberty hearts. The pink one was done with Mistyfuse, the burgundy with a paper backed fusible, the Mistyfuse backed one feels lighter and softer with no sharp points.' Rachel Bushell

'Ideal for use with a variety of fabrics. I used Mistyfuse to appliqué onto linen. It worked well fusing multiple layers together and still remaining pliable. Sewing through the fabrics by machine and hand was easy. I did miss the convenience of a paper back to trace onto, but overall a very nice product to use.' Margaret Convery

'Mistyfuse doesn't seem as fast to me for design transfer as paper-backed fusibles, especially if you need a lot of different shaped appliqué pieces. It is wonderful for free cutting shapes from prepared fabric. Mistyfuse is ideal for bonding snippets of fabric and thread together and applying to a background fabric, paper or even wood! My favourite use is with the Bernina Cutwork tool. I prepare fabric with Mistyfuse which stops them sliding when stacked for cutting out. The fusible is so fine that I can stack more than with other fusibles. 
The pictures below show original projects where Mistyfuse was used; A cushion where the hexagons were stacked and cut before fusing and stitching and Russian doll appliqués where again the various shapes were stacked for cutting.' Rosalind Pollock

'Mistyfuse was very fine, with no evidence of glue, and having followed the basic instructions one piece of fabric fused very well to another whilst not making the overall fabric too rigid and inflexible. Don't think I shall be using conventional fusible in the future.' Louise Bennett

If you would like the opportunity to review a product for us visit our Facebook page and look out for our next product review post!




  1. Hi, I've just seen your facebook entry about the 250 shades of red quilt competition, which I would love to enter. Can you tell me where to find details or which month's mag it is featured in? Many thanks, Hilary Florence

    1. Hi Hilary
      We have published details in each issue from the March 2014 issue onwards. The closing date is the end of July to make a quilt 25" square with the theme of '250 Shades of Red'.