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Friday, 16 May 2014

June Product of the Month - Reviews

Vilene Lamifix Glossy is a transparent, fusible coating that you can iron onto fabrics to give them a wipe clean finish and create something like an oilcloth. It can be applied to most fabrics, but for best results use on 100% cotton. As the coated fabric gives protection from getting dirty, it is great for making fabric bowls, cosmetic and toiletry bags, fabric shopping bags and table mats.

For more information on Vilene Lamifix Glossy and details of where to buy, visit www.eqsuk.com

For the June issue of P&Q we asked for some willing quilting volunteers via our Facebook page, to test out Lamifix Glossy for us, review and record their findings. This is what they had to say...

'We found Lamifix to be easy to use, the product stuck to the fabric well in the first instance and the fabric didn’t feel too stiff and had a nice sheen to it. However, as we worked the product into a kindle case, we did find that as we turned the bag the right way round the Lamifix crinkled and slightly bubbled off the fabric despite it being thoroughly stuck down earlier. The photo in P&Q is of my 10 year old daughter Emma with the finished article, which she made for her daddy. We did it in a morning making the pattern up as we went. She chose the fabrics, and the binding, we used felt for the lining and she did virtually everything herself, except the binding. Daddy was really pleased!' Jayne Hollingsworth

'I decided to make a small tote bag with the film on the outside giving it a lovely glossy appearance. It was easy to use but care needed not to leave pinholes. It cut easily and sewed using ordinary machine needle and foot. Working it caused creases, which were permanent. A very useful material that I would use inside rather than outside of bag next time.' Trisha Caulfield

'The iron temperatures need to be hot as adhesion at the edges of the fabric was variable. The first project I made was a mug mat, however the product cracked when I turned it inside out. The second item was a wipe clean breadbasket, which worked well but edges needed binding to secure.' Margaret Smith


'I thought this would be ideal to use to make a wipe clean bib for a toddler. The foil took a long time to bond with the calico and went wrinkly at the edges; the overall finish looked shabby. This was a disappointing product to use and I would not recommend it.' Rachel Bushell

If you would like the opportunity to review a product for us visit our Facebook page and look out for our next product review post! www.facebook.com/britishpatchworkandquiltingmagazine

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